Welcome to UnLock Hause, a work-live space!

UnLock Hause challenges artists to create art in a in an eclectic location, a home. The domestic space lends itself to transformation and turns into that of experimentation guided by the innovative spirit of multidisciplinary artists and curators. Every 3-4 months, emerging artists or curators are invited or selected to show or create artwork within the limits of scale the space has to offer. UnLock Hause is unique and offers artists the opportunity to show and share their work with others. 

The goal at UnLock Hause is to expand and develop artistic, curatorial and educational practices. By bringing the community together, we seek to engage our neighbors, colleagues and friends in a welcoming setting that invites artists, curators and art lovers to experience new ways of making,  talking and showing art.

The micro exhibitions open quarterly for a weekend of exposition and artists’ presentations or other creative activities. Each show will be the result of the efforts of the different collaborations, challenged by different variables, imagining different ambiances and playing with the possibilities that an eclectic domestic space offers.

UnLock Hause welcomes art and curatorial proposals for future exhibitions. Please contact us with your ideas.

Yours truly,

Pía Cruzalegui, MFA

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